About Sesitec

Sesitec has been part of the water sports industry since Christian von Lerchenfeld founded the company in 1992, now with two decades of experience in design and innovation, and more than 320 installations around the globe. Sesitec has emerged not only as a leader in two-tower cable wakeboarding, but has helped reshape and redefine the towed watersports industry. Our dedication to wakeboarding has resulted in innovative solutions such as a state of the art patent pending drive system for our Full Size Cables, Lake Control, System 2.0® and Recon.

Today cable parks have proven to be highly energy efficient and sustainable while they are profitable businesses for their owners and exciting attractions for their customers. This is one of the reasons why wakeboarding is growing so much and why we keep on building more parks every year.

We pride ourselves in being able to supply premium quality and innovative products, as well as being able to provide great service to both our current and future customers.

Founding of Sesitec

Christian von Lerchenfeld was in charge of production processes and installations when he was still working for Rixen Cableways. His enterpreneurial compulsion soon led him to found his own company, Sesitec von Lerchenfeld GmbH, in 1992.

First Two-Tower System

First Two Tower System in Oberschleißheim, Germany.


Patrick Panakos created the park feature competition called “the CARNIVAL” . Three months later he opens The PROJECTS park, creating a foundation for progression.

Wolfsburg is the first cable park to be installed with a helicopter

System 2.0 revolutionizes the sport

First collaboration from Christian von Lerchenfeld and Patrick Panakos

Dream team Christian von Lerchenfeld and Patrick Panakos first collaboration on a Wake Park. The CWC which includes a world class 6-tower Full size system, a multi level System 2.0® park and a boat lake.

Johannes Degenhart founded UNIT Parktech

The WakeParkProject is founded

The Wake Park Project is founded to facilitate the growth of Sesitec and Unit in North America.

Red Bull Wake Lab and WAKE THE LINE

First Red Bull Wake Lab and Wake the Line events are produced to show wakeboarding in way never seen before.

Sesitec developes the RECON

Sesitec develops the RECON, first wireless control unit for a cable system.

Sesitec celebrates their 100th System 2.0

Sesitec celebrates their 100th System 2.0® at Wake Up Docklands - United Kingdom.

Sesitec celebrates their 200th System 2.0

Sesitec celebrate their 200th System 2.0® at Wake sport Center - in Geneva Switzerland.

Red Bull Wake Open reaches millions

The Red Bull Wake Open in Tampa reaches millions, Big air and park course built by Sesitec and UNIT-Parktech.

Sesitec celebrates their 20th anniversary