• Where can I build a Full Size Cable?
    On any suitable body of water, whether it is existing or artificial lake in salt water. We recommend artificial lakes as they can be perfectly shaped to the design of the cable and reduce wave reflection by incorporating an island in the middle of the lake. If water level fluctuations exceed one meter (3ft) special constructions for the starting area may be required.
  • What size of property do I need?
    A Full Size Cable lake has to be at least 80 meters wide and 140 meters long (260 ft * 560 ft), which is a little more than one hectar (about 3 acres). For the entire project it is best to look for a bigger property of about 5 to 10 hectares (12 to 25 acres).
  • How deep can the lake be?
    It should be at least 1 meter (3 to 4 ft). At water depths over 10 meters (30 ft) special constructions may be required.
  • What type of zoning is needed?
    Each state, county, and city all have different rules. Cable parks can usually be built in commercial, industrial, and some agricultural zoned areas.
  • How long does the installation take?
    The installation of a Full Size Cable usually takes 3 to 4 weeks. After that we recommend to plan staff training for another 1 to 2 weeks before the cable opens to public.
  • What do I have to prepare before installation of the Full Size Cable?
    You will need to build the concrete anchors (sometimes with H-Beams) according to the drawings we provide you with. The starting area has to be built so we can install our operator stand as well as the start ramp. There needs to be a 3-phase 400V power line.
  • What is required on site for installation?
    Our team needs a telescope forklift to be able to move the towers and other material. Crane or Helicopter (size of crane is dependent upon site access). Floating dock (Dimensions will be provided). A motor boat is required for access to all points on the lake. Your team of helpers should be with us the whole time to learn as much as possible. Sesitec will bring all the tools necessary and will leave the general needed tools there for your daily purposes.
  • What kind of warranty does Sesitec offer?
    Our Full Size Cable includes 2 years product warranty on everything except wear and tear parts.
  • What is the average person spending and how many people participate in one hour?
    The average is 27 to 30€ (30 to 33$) per person while there is a maximum of 60 participants in one hour.