• Sesitec is known for planning and building great geometries of wake parks. We design and engineer feasible solutions to meet the customer's needs and to offer plenty of fun to wakeboarders from beginners to pros while ensuring safety at all times. 
  • Sesitec employees have been hand selected to portray all of the company's upstanding ethics and beliefs that hard work pays off. This is why we work with a team of very skilled and experienced workers, innovative engineers, and some of world's best wakeboarders.
  • This being said we make sure that on-site installation is as smooth as possible. Putting up a Full Size Cable requires a lot of knowledge, experience, and skill. To gain these we worked hard and can look back to over 50 successful FSC installations. Some of these parks were even built by helicopter, which can make putting up towers easier on difficult locations and a whole lot quicker.
  • One of our biggest interests is to offer the best service possible to our customers. Sesitec gains more and more customers, who like to work with us and receive high quality spare parts from us.
  • Sesitec's owner and CEO has been managing his own park for more than 15 years. For 14 years he has even run two parks. This means we are not only a cable manufacturer, but actually know what it takes to run such a great and challenging business. We want to share that with you to make the best out of your project.


  • We developed a new and unique drive system: One motor drives only the bottom running cable. A gearbox is no longer required, resulting in reduction of noise and vibrations. The direct drive means high reliability and less maintenance costs! Patent pending...
  • Sesitec's running cable has been specifically developed for our Full Size Cables. The purpose-built running cable decreases maintenance by no longer requiring the cable to be greased. This also allows for a clean cable operation. The running cable’s stretch ceases after four weeks of constant tension. And lastly, our tests and client reports have shown that the cable lasts quite long.
  • We use advanced sensor technology allowing the system to precisely calculate the position of each carrier. This technology ensures reliable interaction of all components such as catch fork, elevator, and magazine.
  • The new design of the motor frame makes the motor tower approx. 770lbs lighter than the original design, and at the same time safer for maintenance works.
  • We offer direct drive elevator systems for high reliability, a long lifespan, and safety on the water to quickly move ropes out of a rider's path.
  • Many details like light deflection pulleys, aluminum carrier clamps, silent rubber bushings in carriers, oval rings in the rigging cables for safe/easy adjustment and installation make obvious that our Full Size Cable offer a great technical performance.