Bringing towed watersports to a broader public or generally enjoying the beauty of wakeboarding may be rewarding enough to build a cable park. But of course, there are a lot of solid reasons to invest into a Sesitec cable park.

Every year more and more Full Size Cable and System 2.0 parks open to public. As a direct result wakeboarding is continuing to be one of the fastest growing action sports. Cable parks make wakeboarding more accessible for broad audiences who can find a lot of fun and new challenges in this fast growing sport.

One of the reasons why there is more people investing into building wake parks every year is the high return of investment. With a Full Size Cable you can serve many people at once and hundreds a day.

Your site will build a community of riders and locals coming back frequently since a wake park is a great place to hang out, make friends, and challenge oneself. It is highly attractive to one-time visitors and tourists as well because of the adventures you experience at such a park.

A wake park builds the perfect foundation for additional businesses to create even higher revenues. Some of these include restaurants, pro shops, accommodation for visitors, and events.

Our Full Size Cables are highly efficient as they run with very little energy and are environmentally friendly. Besides low noise and zero greenhouse gas emissions they improve water quality through the constant oxygen contribution created from the riders.

Besides building an amazing wake park Sesitec will accompany you in all the steps:

  • Choosing and evaluating the site
  • Creating artificial lakes
  • Supporting you in approval procedures
  • Providing you with information and input for business plans and financial calculations
  • Advising your construction plans
  • Accompanying you after the sale with advice, technical support, and service