What our FSC has:

  • strong gear reduction for ideal torsional
    moment on our optimized SEW motor
  • patent-pending direct-drive technology for the running cable
  • direct-drive of the elevator
  • 9mm running cable with plastic core;
    a manufacturer of specialized cables developed this together with Sesitec for our
    Full Size Cables
  • Optimized SPS control box for high dependability
    with micro controller and SEW frequency converter
  • Touch screen control panel incorporating touch screen button
    operation and ball joint ergonomic adjustment for operator
  • Proven sales/ticket software Lake Control
  • two high-quality, durable sensors
  • oval rings installed in rigging cables for safe
    and easy installation/tension adjustments



What it needs:


  • in Europe:
    30 kilowatts, 80 amps, 400 volts, 3 phases, 50Hz
  • in America:
    30 kilowatts, 100 amps, 480 volts, 3 phases, 60Hz


  • minimum 140m x 80m

amount of anchors:

  • 6 towers ~ 12 to 14 anchors
  • 5 towers ~ 10 to 12 anchors
    weight of anchors vary and will be calculated by our engineer