Aug, 2016


Daniel Grant has smashed the Wake The Line 2016, at Cologne, Germany.

The event showcased 24 of the best wakeboarders and wakeskaters on the planet in front of a sold-out arena with more than 10,000 screaming fans.

The spectacular venue designed and built by UNIT Parktech featured multiple obstacles and invited riders to add creativity to their runs. There were incline boxes and a truck with a bottle on top.

Despite suffering a minor head injury, Daniel Grant stormed the system with a flawless and ambitious performance and took out both divisions.

"It's absolutely insane that Wake The Line is back here in Cologne. The best way to wrap it up with a double win here. It's my Wake The Line dream come true since I was 12. Couldn't be a better day for me here," said the British-Thai wakeboarder.

Raph Derome (2013, 2012, 2010), Nico von Lerchenfeld (2011), Keith Lidberg (2009) and Peter-Pascal Schmidt (2008) are the previous winners of Wake The Line.

Wake The Line 2016 | Finals

1. Daniel Grant (THA)
2. Raph Derome (CAN)
3. Nico von Leichenfeld (GER)

1. Daniel Grant (THA)
2. Austin Pastura (USA)
3. Andy Kolb (GER)

Source: surfertoday.com


May, 2016

System 2.0 HD at WTL 2016

Jever Fun Wake The Line powered by Nissan and Sesitec – a dynamic and revolutionary partnership


Throughout it’s  six year history the renown Jever Fun Wake The Line powered by Nissan has seen a lot of progression. It’s 2016 and the riding level has reached new heights  – also thanks to the the constant evolution. Since day one the Sesitec System 2.0 has been an essential part of "Wake The Line" and has been continuously improved. This year Sesitec will bring two-mast systems to a new level and has developed the System 2.0 HD tailored especially to the needs and demands of advanced riders: smooth - strong and heavy duty. The Sesitec System 2.0  HD will offer wakeboarding a whole new dimension. It combines the System 2.0’s flexibility and range with the stable pull of a full-size cable. Due to special components and an added extra weight, the rider will barely notice any vibrations or movements on the System 2.0 HD – which will allow the to fully focus on this year's exciting and challenging UNIT Parktech setup – guaranteeing a spectacular and action fuled show for the crowd. Not only world-class wakeboard events will benefit from Sesitec’s newest innovation, it’s also a perfect opportunity for stand-alone wakeparks or full-size wakeparks that want to offer something new and exciting. Using heavy duty components, the System 2.0 HD was built for a high degree capacity and will therefore require less maintenance. It’s electic motor is environmentally friendly and allows for riding speed up to 45kmh. Sesitec's wireless Recon remote guarantees intuitive and comfortable operating – even from a distance. In addition it comes with an iPad with a specialized software that allows you to individually set up and adjust certain parameters on the fly, like turning points, maximum speed, as well as sudden speed in- & decreases.

The new owner of the Jever Fun Wake The Line powered by Nissan 2016 Sesitec System 2.0 HD will be a true winner – not only will this system still be an absolute innovation to the wakeboard industry within years to come, but also the best wakeboarders on the planet will be using it during the world’s most legendary contest.  On-top of all this, your name will be engraved onto the carrier even BEFORE the event – doing good has never been more fun.



Apr, 2016

Wake the Line 2016

YES WE ARE BACK – Jever Fun WAKE THE LINE powered by Nissan 2016 Stadionbad Köln/Deutschland 28. August 2016

Wenn die besten Wakeboarder der Welt nur ein paar Meter von dir entfernt durch die Luft fiegen, während du in der Sonne auf den warmen Betonstufen sitzt – dann bist du beim Jever Fun WAKE THE LINE powered by Nissan. 

Am 28ten August kehrt mit dem Jever Fun WAKE THE LINE 2016 powered by Nissan das weltweit größte und spektakulärste Wakeboard Event in das Kölner Stadionbad zurück.

UNIT Parktech wird die drei hintereinander gereihten Becken des Stadionbads erneut in ein noch nie dagewesenes und technisch anspruchsvolles Wakeboard & Wakeskate Setup umwandeln – an dem die besten Fahrer der Welt ihr Können unter Beweis stellen.

Eine legendäre Location, 10.000 begeisterte Zuschauer und die weltbesten Wakeboarder & Wa- keskater im Kampf um 40.000 Euro Preisgeld machen das Jever Fun WAKE THE LINE powered by Nissan 2016 zu einem absoluten Highlight des Sommers.

Nur 16 der 26 beste Wakeboarder aus aller Welt werden am 28ten August die Möglichkeit haben beim legendären Jever Fun WAKE THE LINE powered by Nissan 2016 an den Start zu gehen.
Und hier kommst du ins Spiel – dieses Jahr erhältst du die Chance deine Lieblings-Wakeboarder aktiv zu unterstützen: Mit jedem Kauf im UNIT Shop erhältst du einen Voting-Code mit dem du für 5 deiner Lieblings-Wakeboarder abstimmen kannst. Die 16 Wakeboarder mit den meisten Stimmen werden dann am 28ten August 2016 die Möglichkeit haben im Stadionbad die Jury und das Publikum von ihrem Können zu überzeugen.

Eine gesetzte Auswahl aus acht der weltweit besten Wakeskater steht bereits fest.

Lasst euch dieses einmalige Event nicht entgehen - Tickets ab sofort auf www.waketheline.de erhä̈ltlich.