Jun, 2014


Felix Georgii was pumped after the first hits of the massive "Big Willy 2.0" Construction in Hamm, Germany: „I wasn't able to compete at Rising High last year because of my injured shoulder. I was extremely eager for the first hits and can tell that i've never had so much fun doing FS360s before!"

The spectators will experience how tricks will reach a new level of wakeboarding when the riders jumps get up to 27 meters length and 8 meter height. From the kicker in the top section of the bi-level setup the riders will have to overjump a gap and land safely in the roller-landing in the bottom lake, which is developed by Unit Parktech. Thanks to the setup and two higher (12m) System 2.0's Big Air Wakeboarding will be newly defined for another time.

Since yesterdays qualification there are four more riders in addition to the set riders field. We are curious if the winning streak of Sesitec ambassadors Nico von Lerchenfeld and Daniel Grant will continoue after two TOP-2 places and if they're able to do the Hattrick.

Text: RedBull | Sesitec
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Two Sesitec Ambassadors leading Wake of Steel 2014.

16 of the best wakeboarders in the world did battle for two days straight in the third edition of Red Bull Wake of Steel this past weekend.

Renowned for its unrivalled obstacle, a hulk of floating metal, the event is now one of the highlights on the international wakeboarding calendar, and it drew a stellar line-up of riders, who also got to enjoy the Bubbledays festival in Linz.

During qualification only 10 riders made the cut from the two groups into the semi-final. Here the riders went head-to-head to determine the five who would make it to the super final.

In the super-final's first round, American Julien Cohen managed to grab the lead with a strong run, heading into the second round as the interim-leader. With the starting order tilted, Thailand's Daniel Grant took his chance and catapulted himself all the way from third to first place, capping off his error-free ride with a 270 backflip slide on the 25-metre plastic pipe. Nico von Lerchenfeld also managed to shift into higher gear when it mattered most. In front of wakeboarding legend and judge Parks Bonifay he earned second place honours.

1. Daniel Grant (Sesitec Ambassador - THA) 80.67pts
2. Nico von Lerchenfeld (Sesitec Ambassador - GER) 78.67
3. Julian Cohen (USA) 77.00

Text: RedBull



Obscura Dropfest 2014– powered by System 2.0 – presented by Relentless Energy

During the legendary WakeUp Camp in Langenfeld, the first ever Obscura Dropfest went down as the first of it’s kind in Germany.

From a starting pool 5ft. above lake level, pulled by Sesitec’s System 2.0, riders would either use one of the two Hubbas, or the drop into the lake. Designed by Germany’s most famous wakeskaters Andy Kolb and Lukas Suess, the setup would allow for the best wakeskating.

Twenty Wakeskater provided a thrilling show in front of hundreds of spectators.Besides germany’s wakeskate elite consisting of: Andy Kolb, Lukas Suess, Jan Kissmann, Frederik Küpper, Moritz Thiele Jan Grabski, Marcel Tilwitz and the local heroes Tim and Andy Schwiertz Gnidowski, Daniel Grant the Thai wunderkind showed up to show his raw but technical riding.

In qualification and semifinals each rider had 5 attempts of which the best 3 counted. Tim auf dem Graben (Organisation): “This format makes consistency one of the crucial factors. Plus the audience will witness many stuck tricks. In the final, it was then six trials of which 3 were counted.

The four finalists were: Jan Kissmann, Moritz Thiele, Marcel Tilwitz and Daniel Grant. Marcel Tilwitz convinced alongside other technical tricks by his Bigspin front board and secured the third place behind Jan Kissmann with a switch bs 360 shuvit and front lip shuvit. However unbeatable was Daniel Grant. His highlights were a Bigspin boardslide, a switchback lip and a switch frontlip Bigspin.

Daniel Grant in the interview: “It was awesome to have a contest on the first legit wakeskate setup in Germany. It was cool that so many people came out. Everyone was stoked on wakeskating. And it turned out really good for me.”

Obscura Dropfest results: 

1. Daniel Grant

2. Jan Kissmann

3. Marcel Tilwitz

Source: obscurawakeskates.com