Mar, 2014

Five System 2.0s shipped to USA

A container packed with five System 2.0s left our halls yesterday, on March 4th. They are going to different locations in the United States, put up by the SesitecUSA team.


One of them is for our ambassador Kevin Henshaw, who has been working hard on preparing his site for a private wake park.

We are looking very forward to every single one of them going up.


Feb, 2014

System 2.0 Wall Mount

We always think beyond what we have done already and engineer our products for new conditions. Together with Industry Wake Parks we have built a System 2.0 in a way haven't seen it before. No ladders, just the deflection head mounted into this rock wall.

Go follow Kernow Wake Park to stay up to date with their park.


Valdosta Wake Compound Park Expansion

We couldn't be more excited about starting construction at Valdosta Wake Compound for their new Full Size Cable, opening sometime this year! Congrats to the team at VWC!


Here is their official press release:

Valdosta Wake Compound is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the crew at Sesitec USA and are moving forward with the construction of our Full Size Cable park project with plans of opening sometime in 2014.

Our efforts will be to build a one of a kind experience for all different skill levels and disciplines by creating one of the world’s most unique and versatile cable wake boarding facilities.


In the meantime follow us on Facebook for park updates, and come check out the unique features we have under our two System 2.0′s!