Feb, 2016

2016 Winter Wake Fest Classic

This year marked the 6th time in a row that we have setup the Boarder Pass – Sesitec System 2.0 at the Toronto International Boat Show on the World’s largest indoor lake.  It’s crazy to think that we get to wakeboard in the middle of the winter, indoors in Canada…and it just so happens to be my favourite time of the year. 

I’ve always disliked Canadian winters and been known to migrate south to the warmer weather where I can still actively participate in the wakeboard world but the boat show has made January the best month of them all to me.  Every year, the arena where the Toronto Marlies usually play hockey is turned into a lake and is filled with a million gallons of frigid cold water, a bunch of EZ Dock, a double sided kicker and a 30ft incline rail.  The process of building this massive lake takes a lot of team work and cooperation from a lot of people behind the scenes and we are very fortunate to be a part of this great team.  Over the years, there have been countless things behind the scenes that both our staff and the Boat Show staff have overcome together to make this show what it is today. When we first started, we brought both of our towers from our hometown system in Sarnia, ON and set it up just like any normal System 2 gets setup.  However, since then we have gone through numerous changes to the point that we now have the only tower-less System 2.0 setup and it is indoors.

Sesitec System 2.0 ready to go

Last year, the Ricoh Coliseum allowed us to design and implement a permanent fix that would allow us to setup the System without bringing either of our towers.  We are now able to mount both of our pulley heads and the motor to the arena floor and hoist our cable from one side of the arena to the other.  It is truly incredible and we are very grateful for this.  We were super nervous, but it worked out better than we could’ve imagined.  This year, this unique setup allowed us way more time to focus on other things because as you can imagine, the setup without towers is a lot quicker and easier.  None of this would even be possible if the Boat Show and the Ricoh Coliseum didn’t take the risk years ago when they decided to implement a track system along their walls of the arena bowl to allow for placement of the liner for this lake.  The liner is welded together and checked over and over again for any sign of puncture.  Once cleared, the water begins to flow!

We are honoured and privileged to be a part of this spectacular show and we do whatever we can every year to make it bigger and better.  Our main goal is to do our very best at demonstrating wakeboarding to the masses and there’s no better place for us to be able to accomplish this than at the Toronto International Boat Show.


For the rest of the story from Toronto check out http://boarderpasscanada.blogspot.ca/

Source: http://www.alliancewake.com/wake/2016-winter-wake-fest-classic/



Sep, 2015

Pangea Recap

Sun, a happy festival crowd and great wakeboard action. Thats the summary of Jever Fun Wake The City on Pangea Festival 2015. Five professional wakeboarders were facing five riders from qualifications and showed 5000 guests what wakeboarding is all about. Sesitec ambassador Tobias Michal was able to take first place, Jascha Wronka 2nd and Jonas Dobenecker 3rd place.

In the third year of the Pangea Festival Jever hosted a wakeboard event named Wake The City. The contest took place in an aircraft hangar directly between main festival stage and dirt bike track. The 70x20 meter pool was equipped with a spine kicker and a 3,5m high kinked rooftop. 5000€ price money and great action was guaranteed.

Right after the recovery from a shoulder injury, Tobias Michel left his competitors with no chance. With his Nosegrab FS 540, CAP 180 tailpress and BS 180 Blind out, Tobias took the first place in front of Jascha Wronka and Jonas Dobenecker.

During the whole festival the riding at the System 2.0, wakeboarding workshops for beginners, SUP Yoga courses or fun-time with various water accessories were free for everyone.

Pangea Festival 2015 hasn`t only offered plenty of wakeboard action. According to the motto “Never stop playing” the organizers prepared a first class skate park, dirt-bike track, blob, playground, break dance course and parkour track. And these are just a few of many activities people were able to enjoy during the whole festival. 

We are already looking forward to next years "Wake The City".

More information about the contest: www.jeverfunwakethecity.de

More information about the Pangea festival: http://www.pangea-festival.de/ or https://www.facebook.com/events/697009707084185/

Photo: Steffen Vollert, Dan Peterman, Johannes Kollen, Lars Jacobsen, PJ Valentine



Jul, 2015


We are now officially partnering with Eurotramp "Freestyle".

Eurotramp, worldwide leading company on trampolines for professional competition, promotes the new mat-black product line “Freestyle”, targeting the disciplines Snowboard, Freeski, Wakeboard, BMX/Trampbike, Skateboard, Freerunning and Parkour

The Eurotramp Freestyle-Trampolines will be individually customized for the needs of each Freestyle-discipline. They will be offered in additional to classical large equipment, for ex. the Ground Trampoline that is also suitable for outdoor use. Each performance level and range of use will be supplied with an appropriate jumping bed. All Eurotramp-Trampolines are 100% Made in Germany.   

The support of RadQuartier, Freestyle Academies in Laax and Stuttgart, Sesitec and BagJump makes the project even stronger. The Trampbike world champion of 2014 Nicolas Thiem, Wakeboarder Nico von Lerchenfeld and Red Bull Snowboarder Anna Gasser and Tim-Kevin Ravnjak already train for years on Eurotramp equipment. 

Freestyle-Trampolines are ideal as a training equipment and to improve the flexibility, body control, strength, endurance and jumping power. Many tricks and styles can be practiced several of times without any problem. In seasonal Freestyle sports, the training can be practiced at any time of the year. 

More information you can find on the brand new website: