• What kind of warranty does Sesitec offer?
    Our Full Size Cable and System 2.0® include 2 years product warranty on everything except wear and tear parts.
  • How long does spare part shipping need?
    Once you placed your order in our online shop or per email we will send out the required parts within 48 hours. Every product which isn't on stock at that time will come free of delivery charge.
  • Why can I not see any prices in the Online Shop?
    To be as close to our customers as possible we only ship out to those. This is why you have to register and log in to the Online Shop. Then you will be able to see the prices.


  • How do I get started with my project?
    Don‘t hesitate to contact us with the contact form, by email, or telephone. We will help you from your first step on. Send us a Google Earth link or the coordinates of your site and we can analyze it and provide you with first drawings.
  • I want to dig a lake and don‘t know how. Can Sesitec help me out?
    Yes, we can. We have built multiple cables on artificial lakes and will be happy to consult you on how to dig a lake and help you out with prize estimations.