Once you have chosen the site you want to build your park on we will place the Full Size Cable in a drawing. There is many aspects that play an important role to that, which is why we put so much thought behind it. 

Firstly, the cable shall be great for the riders with the right amount of tension for the advanced riders and the smoothest corner angles to make riding easy for beginners. 

Secondly, the starting place has to be in the correct position as it influences rope length as well as smooth function of the cable technics. It also lays the foundation for your plans about where to sell tickets, place a restaurant or put the cable workshop.

Further, we are looking for the most feasible solutions for the anchor placement. This is important for safety, the efforts that come up when building them and installing the towers and the money that has to be spent on them.

Besides that we will do the complete on-site surveys for you to have exact plans of your location, then to accurately place marks for anchors and towers and lastly to control the anchors and starting place that you build.

As we are working so detailed in planning your cable we make sure that installation will work smooth and you will be happy with your park for all times.