Sesitec strives to offer the best service to make sure you are always happy with your wake park. We accompany you from step one and share our expertise and experience throughout. Our parks are as conceived and safe as they are because we commit to every step of work. From planning, surveying, advising, installing and teaching to after-sales support.

With our Maintenance Agreement we will check you cable once year to refresh your staff's skills and to make sure everything keeps running smoothly. 

Never hesitate to contact us!

Services include:

  • Helping to take the vision of your park to completion. (businessplan, support for local roadmap like going to authorities and getting approvals)
  • Surveying your site
  • Park planning (2D / 3D)
  • Organizing complete door to door shipping, inclusive customs clearance and for best prices


  • Great spare part storage with fast shipping
  • Fast service and help through great distributor network around the world
  • Teaching everything about your cable system
  • Passing knowledge about running parks
  • Excellent After-Sales-Service through our highly qualified Service Team