Every System 2.0 HD comes with a 16 GB Apple iPad and an application that allows users to individually set and control parameters such as turning points, speed limit, deceleration and acceleration in real time. It connects to the control cabinet via a WLAN access point. This enables wireless access to all of the functions from far away. In addition, the System 2.0 iPad and iPhone app comes with three preinstalled standard setups that can be individually adapted for every System 2.0 HD. These three setups can change the System 2.0 HD’s parameters for different types of rides without any additional setting adjustment, e.g. beginner course, pro course or a pool gap. Also included on the tablet are operation, construction and maintenance manuals.


You will receive a fully equipped toolbox for maintenance work. It contains cable tension clamps, a 500 kg chain hoist, different wrenches, screwdrivers, tongs, a voltmeter and much more. With this tool box you can do the general maintenance work by yourself. If you run out of tools you can easily re-order them in our spare part online shop.

Control cabinet

The System 2.0 HD control cabinets are specially constructed for us by our close partner SEW Eurodrive. They fulfill all high quality norms, one of which is the protection class IP 54, that ensures all control cabinets are splash water and dust proof. Additionally, control cabinets are CE certified, and fulfill the German DIN VDE 0113 and DIN EN 60204 regulations. These standards make the System 2.0 HD a high-quality, long-lasting, safe and easy to operate cable system that requires less and easier maintenance.