The System 2.0 HD combines the flexibility of a System 2.0 with the smooth, high-quality riding experience of a Full Size Cable even over long distances.


The System 2.0 HD has been engineered with a unique combination of features that create the smoothest ride for any level of rider.


All the System 2.0 HD’s components are designed and manufactured to ensure the longest lifespan even under heavy usage. 



The System 2.0 HD can accommodate a range of wake park goals— it can be installed on almost any terrain- even water, and can be driven for a range of riding experiences.


Counter weight

The System 2.0 HD is designed for a multitude of riding experiences, whether a professional athlete or a beginner, a young child or a senior, the System 2.0 HD delivers a stable and calm ride. The System 2.0 HD uses a counter weight to ensure that the running cable is constantly under the same level of tension. Our engineers make sure that you get exactly the optimal counter weight in terms of dimensions and weight for your individual System 2.0 HD.  Vibrations caused by riders will be neutralized, giving an experience comparable to riding a Full Size Cable. 

Robust wear parts

All wear parts are made from durable materials designed for high-use, heavy loads and longevity. The heavy duty bearings easily handle the repetitive friction of the pull. Thanks to the big pulley the running cable is kinked less to extend its lifetime, and to give the smoothest ride.

Direct drive

Sesitec holds the patent for its Full Size Cable direct drive. We used this expertise for the System 2.0 HD and developed a compact direct drive that contains less moving parts. Our customers benefit from the consequential reduced wear, longer lifespan, and motor’s minimal noise emission.

Big motor

The System 2.0 HD electric motor comes with no limitations. It’s designed for fast acceleration with the ability to go any speed desired. The motor’s low rotation speed contributes to the System 2.0 HD’s smooth pull, while its industrial strength gives a powerful pull. Even though the motor is big it is still easy to dismantle, which makes maintenance work and replacing wear parts convenient.


Spline shaft

The built-in spline shaft enables a direct transmission of the speed and torque. In interaction with other components, the load is evenly spread on the motor and pulley. This results in reduced wear and a longer lifespan.

Individual operating

Sesitec wants you to be the independent boss of your System 2.0 HD. The System 2.0 HD is designed in a way that makes maintenance super easy. We teach you how to do maintenance, equip you with an extensive tool box, and include an iPad with special software for setting and changing all the operating parameters by yourself. And just in case, our customer service will always be there for you if you need assistance – on the phone or on site.

Personalized Riding

The System 2.0 HD can be installed on almost any terrain, even water, giving you near limitless options when deciding where to set up a cable. The System 2.0 HD accommodates riders by giving a one-on-one riding experience with the rider and operator. Beginner riders benefit especially because the operator can set the riding distance and arrange pickups in case of falling, as well as advanced riders who can work with operators on specific goals.