• What is the price of a System 2.0?
    In the USA and Canada the System 2.0 starts at $30,900 (USD) plus any applicable taxes. Shipping is not included in the price of the system. Contact one of our staff members to get a customized quote on the System 2.0, additional options, and shipping to your location.
  • Is there a warranty?
    The System 2.0 comes with a two year warranty which covers the replacement or repair of any defective parts. This does not include any service/maintenance work, travel expenses or wear and tear parts.
  • What size body of water do I need and how far can a System 2.0 span?
    That depends on the type of project, the needs of you and your clients, and the area where the cable is going. System 2.0 can accommodate a wide variety of bodies of water. This largely depends on what you will be using it for. It has been our experience that the System 2.0 is best utilized from 300 ft - 700 ft in length, 80 ft -120 ft in width and 3 ft - 6 ft or more in depth for each System 2.0 installed. Sesitec does not recommend anything less than 196'x 80'x3’ (length/width/depth). Contact one of our staff members to discuss the details of your project, to determine what size works best for you. 
  • What electricity does the System 2.0 require? 
    480 volt - 3 phase - 30 amp is used to run the System 2.0. You can also use household 220 volt electricity to run your system. If using 220, you will need a phase converter and transformer. We can help you with your electricity needs, please contact one of our staff members to discuss further in detail.
  • What is my average electricity bill?
    This is obviously a function of use and local power rates. Standard System 2.0 installations which are operating all day pay between $8-$15 in electricity.
  • Can I have my towers in the lake?
    Yes you can, some additional parts may be needed depending on your water depth. Sesitec has designed the System 2.0 to be very versatile and can adapt to many installation situations. With over 270 System 2.0’s world wide we have installed in many different situations, including indoors, snow and all types of ground surfaces. Our water installs have seen towers in lakes, oceans, marinas, and rivers. Send us the Google Earth location to the proposed site that you are considering for System 2.0 and we will do a custom evaluation of the property for you.
  • Do I need a concrete pad under my towers? 
    No, you do not. 
  • How many anchors do I need and how big are they?  
    This depends on where you are mounting the System 2.0 (land vs. water). You will be looking at a total of 2 anchors that are 5'x5'x5' rebar reinforced concrete for land installations. For water installations, we will need to know the depth and location of the anchor to better answer this question.
  • How long does the install take?
    The installation of a System 2.0 usually takes approximately 2 days. Allow us an additional 2 days with your staff administering our operation and maintenance training program.
  • What do I need done to the site before the System 2.0 can be installed?
    There are three main elements for your site Prep.
    - Anchors must be in and cured according to
      our install guide.
    - Small enclosed building needs to be
      constructed to house electrical equipment
      according to our install guide.
    - Electricity must be installed at the electrical
      building according to our install guide.
    Please contact one of our staff and request that our installation guide be sent to you. This will go through site preparation in more detail.
  • What equipment is necessary for install?
    There isn’t the need for a ton of expensive equipment, and most of what you will need can be rented for a day or two locally. Here is a list of equipment that is generally used:
    - Forklift, large bobcat or small crane
    - At least a 15 hp boat or PWC
    - Work platform or floating dock
  • What maintenance is required on a System 2.0? 
    The System 2.0 is designed and manufactured to be simple and extremely durable. We will provide you with a comprehensive System 2.0 manual and will administer an onsite training course for those maintenance procedures. There are daily and weekly maintenance checks, which must be completed to keep your System 2.0 trouble free.
  • How long does it take to get parts if needed?  
    Sesitec understands the importance of keeping your park up and running. This is why we have distribution facilities in the USA that keep a healthy supply of all necessary parts, which can be sent to you next day.
  • Does the System 2.0 have an automatic mode?  
    Yes it does, this is made possible by our proprietary System 2.0 Operating System.  System 2.0 OS is simple and easy to use. You don't need a computer science degree from Stanford to understand. Our software that tracks hours of use and allows adjustments of parameters like end points, turning points, home position, and acceleration/deceleration ramps. The nice thing about it is the speed is still adjustable in the automatic mode; you can change speeds at any point during operation via your controller. There are many ways to utilize the automatic mode to suit your situation. Please contact a staff member for more information.
  • Do you offer a Wireless Controller?
    Yes. It is called the Recon. It provides the same functionality as a wired controller without the limitations of where you can operate. With the Recon you can operate up to 300 feet away from your motor tower and depending on your location this can go up to 700 feet plus.
  • Am I able to purchase the upgrades later such as Recon Wireless?  
    Yes you don't need to purchase all the bells and whistles at one time. As you use your System 2.0 you may realize that you want to purchase some upgrades such as a Recon Wireless Controller, extensions, or adjustable tower pieces, which is fully adaptable to the System 2.0 at any time.  We are constantly innovating; contact one of our staff to find out what are the latest features that can be added to System 2.0.
  • Is the System modular, am I able to move it to another location?  
    Yes, you are able to move it to another location. We have designed the System 2.0 to be very portable. You can easily take down your System to use for events or to move it to another location.
  • Can I use the System in the winter time with skiing, snowboarding and tubing?
    Yes this can be done, the all-weather design does enable for towing in the winter months of the year especially in those areas that have their vertical challenges. System 2.0 opens up the opportunity for skiing and snowboarding in flatland urban areas without having mountains. We have just started to scratch the surface of what is possible with System 2.0 on snow, contact one of our staff to see what new ideas they have for utilizing System 2.0 in those frigid winter months.
  • How many riders can ride in an hour?
    This depends on the skill level of your riders and also how your run your operation but anywhere from 4-10 riders an hour is common.
  • Who can I contact for rental boards?
    We work with several of the wakeboard brands to bring you complete wakeboard rental packages. Please ask us about our Rental and Retail packages.