System 2.0 is world’s best selling two-tower system. It has been used at more professional level events around the world than any other. System 2.0 is the leader of a new generation of portable straight-line cables systems. It can be utilized as a standalone solution, a great addition to a Full Size Cable, an additional revenue source for an existing business, or an attraction in other more traditional style venues. It has proven to be a rewarding investment and a simple access to the sport of wakeboarding.

A System 2.0 makes learning to wakeboard easy and playful. The upwards pull enables effortless starts and has proven to provide a steep learning curve to beginners. With its continuous ride and strong tension it also allows advanced riders to progress water tricks or improve their rail-riding skills rapidly.

Sesitec designers and engineers have diligently worked to simplify System 2.0 as much as possible to provide an enjoyable user and operator experience. As a result, it is simple to install, maintain and operate. Minimal operating costs and zero carbon emissions demonstrate that it is as sensible as it is innovative. Sesitec’s attention to detail in simplifying the System 2.0 is also manifested in the reliability and durability. With over 270 installations across the globe and a variety of different climates the System 2.0 has emerged not only as a simple but also reliable water sports tow device.