• The System 2.0 is a reliable two-tower system. With more than 270 world-wide installations today it has been tested, improved, and pushed toward perfection in every single detail.
  • System 2.0 is easy and quick to install.
  • Our installation team will teach you how to install, operate and maintain the System 2.0, providing you the best foundation for your park.
  • In addition to user friendly controls, proper construction, and great operating software the System 2.0 guarantees a high level of safety.
  • Sesitec offers great service through our technical support team.
  • Sesitec has a distribution facility in the USA that keeps a healthy supply of all necessary parts, which can be sent to you next day.


  • Our carrier makes use of the upper and lower running cables for a constant and stable pull.
  • Direct-drive motor tower provides less maintenance and high reliability.
  • Our motor and deflection pulley heads have been engineered brilliantly. They are simple, adjustable and easy for installation and maintenance.
  • We use high quality parts and materials to ensure the best performance. All moving parts are engineered to last long and to be easily maintainable.
  • The ladder designed towers enable easy setup and convenient maintenance.
  • It’s modular design makes the System 2.0 versatile; fitting into almost all terrains and locations.