With a System 2.0 wake parks can be built with low efforts and reduced costs. The footprint of the two tower cable is minimal, so locations are easier to find and more abundant.
The System 2.0 makes learning wakeboarding easy and fun. People will get excited from wakeboarding at your park because of the steep learning curve. When they come back they bring friends, and your park builds a community of locals who enjoy hanging out and riding at your cable park.

Operators can fully concentrate on each customer as there is one participant at a time. This allows for instruction to be very focused and effective and provide a great rider experience as a result. In turn, making instructional courses and camps an additional source of great revenue.

To create a higher capacity many System 2.0 parks have added a second two-tower cable. Additionally many of the Full Size Cable parks have also utilized the System 2.0 for increased throughput an income. Other businesses such as hotels, attraction parks, and camps have incorporated a wake park to provide an exciting enhancement to their portfolio. In winter it can be used to pull snowboarders and skiers and to build snow parks where there is no hill or mountain.

A two-tower cable is significantly less expensive in operating cost and maintenance than all other watersports towing devices. Furthermore, it has a high rider throughput next to the Full Size Cable system. System 2.0 is also a green solution with its emission free motor.

Never has it been so rewarding, easy, and exciting to invest in wake park than with System 2.0!