After the successful introduction of remote controller “Recon” for System 2.0, Sesitec presents its latest innovation: The System 2.0 iPad and iPhone app. This app gives users an opportunity to set and control operational parameters such as turning point, speed limit, deceleration and acceleration in real time with an iPad or iPhone. The app was presented for the first time at Surf Expo in Orlando and Interboot in Friedrichshafen.

Since January 2015, every System 2.0 comes with a “Sesitec” engraved 16 GB iPad. In the past, customers needed to connect their Netbook with the frequency converter by USB cable; it is now possible to connect the iPad or iPhone to the control box via WLAN access point. This enables wireless access to all of the functions over a long distance and makes it even easier to operate.  

In addition, the System 2.0 iPad and iPhone app comes with three preinstalled standard setups that can be individually adapted for every System 2.0. These three setups can change the System 2.0`s parameters for different types of riders without any additional setting adjustment, e.g. beginners, pros and pool gap.      

Operation, construction and maintenance manuals will also be found on the tablet.

An upgrade for customers that are already using a System 2.0 is also possible. Of course, support for customers using the netbook version will still be available.