Name: Patrick Panakos    Position: Business development / Marketing   Contact:

Dream team Christian Von Lerchenfeld and Patrick Panakos first collaboration on a Wake Park was the CWC (Camarines Sur Watersports Complex), where they designed and built a world class 6-tower Full Size System, a massive multi level System 2.0 park and a boat lake.

Patrick Panakos is on his third decade within the wake industry. He really made his mark in 1999 with the introduction of The Carnival, the first feature only competition. Since then Patrick's creative mind along with his knowledge and experience has continued to progress the sport of wakeboarding by founding his camp and training facility "The Projects", working with Red Bull to produce the most innovative events, designing and building world class wakeboard cable parks and the list can go on. Pat is truly one individual that has shaped the way that wakeboarding looks today, and looking forward he realizes that he is just getting started.