The ensemble

Realizing a wake park requires a precise ensemble of individual project planning, production, shipping and installation. Through many years of experience we know what it takes to develop a successful business model and want to put this plan into action together with our customers. We don’t simply sell a construction kit. We would like to be your partner on your way to make sure your project will become a complete success.

The composition

New goals – different challenges. Every new park is a unique project. In our planning, we consider all relevant conditions and make sure to meet our customers’ requirements, ideas and wishes. We advise what works best from our experience, introduce innovative ways and together work out a game plan that is as satisfying as promising for everyone.

High profitHigh return

Wake parks and recreational sport facilities can be highly profitable if done and run properly. Our records show that a professional business concept of a wake park can lead to reliable economic success.

Break Even Point Graphic