Behind the shotThe Cable #1 / 2019

May 1st – Wasserskilift Allgäu | Christian von Lerchenfeld, new owner of Wasserskilift Allgäu gave us the opportunity to do a shooting with Felix Georgii, Tobias “Chillvio” Michel and photographer Frithjof Kjer for our upcoming advert in “The Cable” Mag. We met at 6am to a heart warming temperature of 0°. The park was still fully covered in fog and once the sun came out it looked more like the moon. Our goal for the morning was to capture one of these unforgettable moments gifted by our beloved sport. It was a waiting game, but at the end it paid off. Make sure to grab a copy of the new issue of “The Cable” Mag once it drops in a couple days and check out our double spread it in the front area. It’s mint ?