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Reliable multi-rider cable system tailored to your wake park vision.

The Full Size Cable system consists of four, five, six or seven towers that can stand in or out of the water. The running cable between them has up to 10 evenly spaced carriers that pulls riders with ropes. Our system is energy efficient while it boasts low yearly maintenance costs.

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The Full Size Cable as the center of a recreational facility

As an enhancement of the recreational offer of a region, an existing business or self-realization of one’s dreams, the Full Size Cable offers the ideal opportunity to combine sportive social engagement with commercial operation.

We’re constantly developing and innovating to bring even greater quality to our products and services. At the same time, we strive to simplify our products to save you time, money and worries – providing fun with our solutions.


All components are designed to sustain daily operations. All technical steel components are hot-dip galvanized or electrogalvanized, bought-in parts such as ball bearings comply with German industry standard.


Our Full Size Cables allow up to 10 riders at the same time. This means high throughput with unrestricted riding pleasure.



Our systems stand for reliability and easy handling. As a result, our products enable an optimal interruption-free operation. Should a part wear out though we’ll immediately send you a replacement.

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Top features

Sesitec’s innovative single cable drive makes our Full Size Cable even better. We’ve abandoned the cardan shaft and a differential compensation by driving only the bottom running cable. The simpler drive and a reduction in moving parts means easier and less frequent maintenance, and greater reliability. Moreover, this solution is absolutely future-proof. The smaller, high efficient electric motor has the same power but needs less electricity which makes it more eco-friendly, flexible and cost effective. Keeping with our environmental stewardship we use eco-friendly oil for our motors only.

Sesitec single cable drive

To ease the take off for beginners and enable them a quicker sense of achievement, we have optimized our starting ramp. Through a shallow angle the starting mat now slightly descends to water level. This leads to an easier and smoother take off. In addition, the platform has been redesigned to position the wakeboard take off as low as possible. Thus, a lower center of gravity is achieved, which has a positive effect on the sitting start with the wakeboard, making it more comfortable and easier for both children and adults.

Sesitec’s Full Size Cable are equipped with the highest quality cable of the industry. It is a special cable from the company Diepa, which has a very high breaking force and is extremely durable. Thanks to the internally greased synthetic fiber, external greasing is a thing of the past, making maintenance cleaner and easier. Due to its special non-stretchable construction, the cable has a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance than comparable running cables.

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By using advanced sensor technology the system is able to precisely calculate the position of each carrier. This technology ensures a reliable interaction between all components such as the catch fork, the elevator and the magazine. The automation reduces the number of manual operations required by the operator allowing him or her to focus on what is important – the customers experience.

Sesitec sensor technology

WakeSys is a third party enterprise software with an integrated online booking tool and point-of-sale system, tailor-made for wakeboard cable parks wanting to automate, track and simplify their operations.

This means, for instance, that returning customers can book their day pass over their smartphone, and walk straight to the starting dock and start riding, giving you more time to on-board new customers. The cable operator just scans the rider’s RFID wrist band, WakeSys checks whether that person has a valid pass for the day, and then shows the cable operator all the necessary information, such as pass validity, waiver on file, name, age, and picture, on his waterproof touch screen at the dock.

Furthermore, WakeSys integrates all kinds of features to make life not only easier for your customers, but also for your staff and yourself! Thus, WakeSys will take care of payments, waivers, terms and conditions, season passes, punch cards, statistics, financial reports and much much more.

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Quality meets reliability

Our products are fun. They are reliable and safe. Everything we do, every part we produce and install, is handled and tested with care. What drives us is our own high standard to produce high quality parts. This is reflected in a high degree of reliability and an increased level of safety.

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