Projektupdate Seaworld Gold Coast

Project update 03/2019

After an exhausting but successful year 2018 full of changes and restructuring we’re having a strong start to the new year and concentrate thoroughly on what we like best – building, manufacturing and installing wake parks.

We currently have two ready to ship Full Size Cables on stock. One of them goes to Rome, Italy, the other one will make its way to Central Wake Park in Warsaw, Poland. Further on there’s a Full Size Cable project in romania being planned right now, which is full of ideas.

In the meantime we take care of a service trip to Australia and will put up a System 2.0 at Sea World Marine Park Gold Coast, which is supposed to be used for the new “Thunder Lake Stunt Show”.

We’re happy to be part of this project as Sea World Gold Coast is doing a great job rescuing helpless sea creatures and preserving wildlife as well as taking care of them when they’re not able to survive in the wild anymore. Sea World Marine Park Gold Coast is an autonomous company that doesn’t have anything to do with SeaWorlds, which unfortunately repeatedly appear in the news for inappropriate welfare and housing.