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The original two tower cable system for all riding levels

System 2.0 is the leader of a new generation of portable straight-line cables systems. It has been used at more professional level events around the world than any other.  It can be utilized as a standalone solution, a great addition to a Full Size Cable, an additional revenue source for an existing business, or an attraction in other more traditional style venues. It has proven to be a rewarding investment and a simple access to the sport of wakeboarding.

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Often copied but still unmatched

Little effort, maximum fun: Sesitec’s original, modular straight-line cable system is the riders’ favorite.

The Sesitec System 2.0 revolutionized wakeboarding and broke down boundaries. From the initial presentation in 2008 to the present, the System 2.0 is the undisputed market leader worldwide with more than 480 installed cables. The original!


Proven technology and continuous development make the System 2.0 a reliable and sophisticated cable system. Thanks to the fast installment and the low requirements the System 2.0 offers an uncomplicated entry into the wake park business and the fastest way to make your dreams come true.


Extraordinary flexibility distinguishes the System 2.0 from other solutions. It can be installed on almost any ground and adapted to various conditions. Beginners will experience a fast learning curve, while advanced riders rely upon the System 2.0 when training new tricks efficiently.


A System 2.0 can upgrade any destination and water sports facility. Whether for beginner training, daily operations or events, the System 2.0 is the perfect addition to any wake park. Furthermore, the System 2.0 is a lucrative leisure attraction for existing businesses such as Hotels, various sports facilities or amusement parks.

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Top features

Sesitec has a patent pending for ist Full Size Cable direct drive. We used this expertise for the System 2.0 and developed a compact direct drive that contains less moving parts. Our customers benefit from the consequential reduced wear, longer lifetime and little noise emission of the motor.

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The System 2.0 electric motor is eco-friendly and quiet without sacrificing durability and strength. It is highly efficient, which results in low running costs and less maintenance. If necessary, the engine can be easily dismantled.

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The drive and deflection pulleys are custom-made nylon rollers. Our experience has shown that these work best in combination with the running cable of steel. After a short break-in period, the wear of the pulleys is only minimal when properly aligned.

Sesitec System 2.0 pulleys

Maintenance on the System 2.0 is minimal. Maintenance work is done quickly. This saves you money and time. Our training staff will show you how to perform maintenance effectively so your System 2.0 has a very long life span.

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You have absolute freedom over your system 2.0. For this, you will receive an iPad with special software that you can use to make all settings and change operating parameters yourself. If you need personal support, we are of course always there for you. On the phone – or on site.

Sesitec System 2.0 iPad

The right instruments make the difference

Sesitec’s wireless remote control allows the operator to move freely around the system. This mobility allows the operator to stay close to his students for a more active coaching experience. Proven a hundred times over, simple and clever: The Sesitec RECON has become a cult item and the most widely used remote control in the industry.

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Sesitec Recon Wireless Controller

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