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Tips & Tricks – Maximizing reliability

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in June, and from early on in the day it’s already clear that this will be one of the first really hot days of the summer. Droves of people flock to the nearest wake park and swimming lake to stake their claims on the best sunbathing spots for the rest of the day. By the early afternoon there’s hardly a green spot left on the waterside, and the start ramp of the wakepark is full of waterskiers and wakeboarders. They’re all lined up, raring to go for another try. The clock is ticking on their by-the-hour tickets… but suddenly the lift stops running. For experienced wake park operators this is no reason to panic: a quick operation at the motor pylon is usually all it takes to get things running again.

But if that’s not enough, what then?

A hold in operations for a few hours, days or even weeks can lead to enormous financial deficits. That’s why we’d like to use this article to show you a few ways to vastly reduce your chances of a breakdown.

It’s not hard as a wake park to protect against numerous kinds of breakdowns: on the one hand with regular, thorough maintenance work, and on the other hand with a stockpile of replacement parts, with which the typical parts subject to wear are available to be replaced at a moment’s notice.

For System 2.0 and System 2.0 HD, replacement parts to have on hand include carrier rollers, while for Full Size Cables you might want ball cables or handles.

If you want to play it safe with your System 2.0 & System 2.0 HD, you’ll also want to have a stock of carrier rollers as well as an axle in supply, in order to be ready for all eventualities.

For Full Size Cables we also recommend adding a catch fork as well as steel and aluminum sensors to your stockpile.

We know how important a trouble-free operation is when it comes to reliability, which is why we’re continually developing our products to avoid technical failures as much as possible.

One example of this is the new FSC control cabinet, which supports remote diagnostics and maintenance and is protected from lightning strikes. In addition, the new lift controls have more built-in protection against individual operating errors.

Are you prepared for all circumstances?

To order your spare part package log in to your Sesitec online shop account. If you do not have an account, please get in touch with us.

If you need help in selecting the right replacement parts, you can get in touch with us at any time. We’re glad to help you make the right choices to be optimally equipped for the season.

Long story short: better safe than sorry.